The Great Divide Between Jobless and Jobfull

The Great Divide Between Jobless and Jobfull

So I decided I’d better post something to give notice that the website and concept of Unemploymentville has not been abandoned. Well not totally or permanently, at least.

Why haven’t I been around? Because my job has been sucking the ‘spare time’ out of my life, which regardless of whether you want to launch a website or write a book, is not a good situation.

And everyone I know with a job is struggling with work/life balance. Struggling to find time free from work thoughts and demands. And this is


that people with a job have as one of their greatest concerns how much their job is taking over their life.  And people without a job aren’t particularly inclined to want to hear the employed whining about their lack of free time.

IS IT RUDE for People to Complain about Their JOB to Someone Who Doesn’t Have One?

What do you think??

And if the over-worked employed person can’t talk about one of their biggest issues to someone who is out of work, doesn’t this just further isolate people who are currently unemployed?

What do you think?

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