What the heck is Unemploymentville?>

What the Heck IS Unemploymentville?

Unemploymentville is:
- a friendly, helpful place for people who are out-of-work
- an online supportive community for the unemployed and underemployed
- a way of looking at being out of a job that tries to bring humor and a new light to what can otherwise be kind of a dark place

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Top 10 Ways to Unemployment ?>

Top 10 Ways to Unemployment

P.S. If you can’t hear anything with this video, you may be watching it on Firefox. Try another browser. Due to the feud between Google which owns YouTube and Yahoo which owns Firefox, YouTube and Firefox also aren’t talking to each other.

Have Blog Can Drive ?>

Have Blog Can Drive

So this is the first blog post I’m trying by dictating it into my cellphone as I drive along. It occurred to me that one of the things keeping me from posting more regularly on Unemploymentville is feeling like a fraud. I’m in such a different place than who I’m talking to, the audience I’m writing for. The audience I’m writing for are people who don’t have a job and want to have a job and have been looking for…

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What Helga has to say about Unemploymentville.com ?>

What Helga has to say about Unemploymentville.com

First, who the hell is Helga? Helga is the naysayer voice in my head. I heard someone talk about how we all have such a voice and she had named her voice, Helga. I passed the name on to the Debbie Downer in my head as well. Helga has kept me from writing a single blog post in the last week even though I found/made time to plant a vegetable garden and clean two kitchen cabinets out. I mean, really,…

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I Disagree! ?>

I Disagree!

In, Emotional Stages of a Job Loss, the author suggests that similar to grief in a death, going through a job loss will put you through several emotional stages, namely: – Denial – Disbelief – Outward Anger – Inner Self-Criticism – Withdrawal – Reflection – Acceptance The author goes on to state, “By recognizing the different stages, you are able to move through them quickly, rather than languish in them for weeks.” No! no, no. Job loss and unemployment are…

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Things to See and Do in Unemploymentville: GET OUT of the HOUSE!! ?>

Things to See and Do in Unemploymentville: GET OUT of the HOUSE!!

Get Out of the House – Preferably Every Day Get out of your house EVERY day when unemployed (or as close as you can come). This will have a domino effect of also making you more likely to SHOWER and CHANGE your clothes which will also make you feel better. You will see OTHER PEOPLE. You can even talk to them! People are social animals, so socialize! If you are inclined to exercise with others, consider joining a gym or…

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Things to See and Do in Unemploymentville: Reinforce Your Grit ?>

Things to See and Do in Unemploymentville: Reinforce Your Grit

One of the toughest things about looking for a job is dealing with rejection, whether it comes in the form of a form letter, “Thanks for your interest, however….” or having a job application ignored, or seeing someone else chosen for a job that you interviewed for. Sometimes the fear of rejection or anticipating rejection can keep people from exploring new options. If you can relate, then you should watch the very funny story of 100 Days of Rejection. Jia…

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