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Master Your Writing Skills with these 7 Quick Tips and Land

Master Your Writing Skills with these 7 Quick Tips and Land

Postby BettyRubble » Tue Jun 20, 2017 12:10 am

Communication skills are important factors in getting a job. Here are 7 quick tips that can help you master your writing skills. Be it writing an effective CV or a cover letter, or composing a research-based essay as part of your job/internship application, writing skills are very important. With these tips, you can be confident that you at least get a seat at the hiring manager’s table.

These seven quick tips have helped me land a job when I was struggling after my graduation. Even though I have taken advantage of online writing services like http://MyEssayWriting.co.uk, both as a student and an unemployed individual, it was my personal decision to break out of my void and master some skills. Talent managers have commented about my cover letter, where they have pointed out my glaring mistakes, which has cost me a good number of jobs. If you are someone who is worried about your below average writing skills, then these are the seven tips you need to start with.

7 Quick Tips to Master Your Writing Skills

Read, and then Write
A good writer is always a good reader. And if you are planning to improve your writing skills, then the first task is to start reading more. A writer needs to have an abundant pool of ideas, vocabulary, and thoughts in order to succeed, and reading is the only way to go.

Always Have a Main Idea

When writing, always focus on the main idea. Some people start with an idea but begin to digress as they move forward. This should not be a case, as the reader will think that he/she is wasting time. The mark of a good writer is that he/she stays on the topic throughout the write-up.

Use Diverse Set of Words, Sentence Types, and Structures
Everyone has their own writing style, but “following the norm” too much can make your writing look robotic. Not using synonyms, not completely understanding the meaning of words, sticking to same sentence types, and following a generic structure are the things to avoid if you want to write well.

Remove the Clutter
University students have managed to inculcate the habit of stuffing sentences (often redundant) into their essays so that they cross the word limit. While this may be acceptable at college-level, it’s a big no-no in the professional world. Every sentence has to be different and have something to add to the main idea.

Students and professionals who depend on sites like http://MyEssayWriting.co.uk for their writing needs often cite the absence of clutter as to why they choose them.

Research When Needed
“Research before writing a CV” may sound like a weird thing to do, but experts recommend this for one specific reason: your CV needs to reflect both what you can do for the company and what the company expects from you. To add these points in your CV, you need to understand the company better, the job profile better, and the sector of your company better. A little bit of researching always aids in writing.

Edit, Edit, and Edit
You should always edit and proofread your work actively. Submitting an unpolished cover letter for that dream job may take you directly to the manager’s mail trash. Once you have created your first draft, make multiple revisions of it – where editing and proofreading continuously should be a big part.

Compare Your Work

This is a tip that has affected me the most. If you are a professional whose job involves a lot of writing, you should compare your work and see how you have improved over the time. Take a job application or an essay that you wrote two years ago and compare it with something you have written recently. Observe the differences carefully, and you will learn more about your writing.

You may have already read about some of these tips on other websites and may have already started implementing it. But, the key to great writing is to follow a specific process. If you want to seriously master your writing skills, implement these tips in the chronological order, and you will get more good
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Re: Master Your Writing Skills with these 7 Quick Tips and L

Postby Tkay » Wed Nov 01, 2017 2:36 pm

I like this post, the tips are practical and useful.
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Re: Master Your Writing Skills with these 7 Quick Tips and L

Postby Tkay » Tue Nov 14, 2017 2:01 pm

This seven tips are worth reading, they have given me new insight and inspired me to search for my tips.
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