What the heck is Unemploymentville?>

What the Heck IS Unemploymentville™?

Unemploymentville™ is:
- a friendly, helpful place for people who are out-of-work
- an online supportive community for the unemployed and underemployed
- a way of looking at being out of a job that tries to bring humor and a new light to what can otherwise be kind of a dark place

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Why I Started Saying Yes and Why You Should, Too ?>

Why I Started Saying Yes and Why You Should, Too

As a kid, I was taught a lot of things. For example, to entertain myself, respect my elders, and not to drop ping pong balls on Grandpa’s head from the loft (which is another story for another day).  I also picked up on a lesson that I think too many of us learn – the art of politely saying no when someone offers you something.  After all, you don’t want to be a bother and should be able to take…

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The Professional Student – How To Earn While You Learn ?>

The Professional Student – How To Earn While You Learn

I was 17 years old when my son was born. I was also broke, jobless and had a little man relying on me. To be fair, I was just a child, but very quickly realized I was getting nowhere fast. Daycare was too expensive, so working was out of the question. The only option left for me was college, but that was an expense I could not afford. So I found a different way. I received ALL of my schooling…

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Unemployment, Depression and Animals ?>

Unemployment, Depression and Animals

Three Keys to Cutting Costs While Waiting for a ‘REAL JOB’ You tear open the envelope and stare down at your horse boarding bill for the month. Your eyes widen, the envelope flutters to the ground, and you put your face in your hands. You haven’t had the strength to announce to the world that you’ve just lost your job, and if you don’t hustle, you’re soon going to lose your horse. This is exactly what I experienced when I…

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How to Cope With Family Demand as an Unemployed Father ?>

How to Cope With Family Demand as an Unemployed Father

I have always considered myself a lucky man and when my wife delivered a set of triplets in January 2011 through a Caesarian section, my joy knew no bound and I truly believed I was the luckiest man alive. The birth of the triplets brought much publicity, lots of goodwill and considerable strain on my finances. The hospital bills alone cost me about a $1000. Though I didn’t have any issue coming up with that money, the money required to…

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Unemploymentville Guest Post Guidelines ?>

Unemploymentville Guest Post Guidelines

Updated January 19, 2017 I’m working on a new book and conducting written interviews with people who struggled through unemployment and succeeded in finding or creating a job. Participants who complete the interview will be paid $75 – $100. For additional details email admin@unemploymentville.com with a Subject of ‘Reader Contribution – Interview Candidate’. Writers who have written guest posts for the blog, may also be interviewed for the book. Unemploymentville.com, a place for anyone who has felt the sting of…

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The Great Divide Between Jobless and Jobfull ?>

The Great Divide Between Jobless and Jobfull

So I decided I’d better post something to give notice that the website and concept of Unemploymentville has not been abandoned. Well not totally or permanently, at least. Why haven’t I been around? Because my job has been sucking the ‘spare time’ out of my life, which regardless of whether you want to launch a website or write a book, is not a good situation. And everyone I know with a job is struggling with work/life balance. Struggling to find…

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