Our Background Images

Our Background Images

You might wonder what scenes of mountains, lakes, ducks or flowers have to do with unemployment.  I chose these background images for two reasons.

1) I know I can’t turn Unemploymentville into a glamorous, fun-filled destination.  At the risk of repeating myself, this ain’t Disney World and it never will be.  BUT….  I want your stay or visit to Unemploymentville to be as pleasant as possible.  Odds are you are currently feeling stressed and depressed.  Why not surround yourself as much as possible with beauty and laughter.  Hopefully the laughter will come by reading some funny posts, either here on the blog or on the Unemploymentville forum.  And the background images are meant to supply the beauty.

bringing nature inside with indoor plants2) Being in nature or even just seeing nature improves people moods.  Since we all know that unemployment is a downer, it’s good to take your daily dose of nature to try and prevent (or reduce) major depression.  I heard someone talk about climbing out of depression and steps he had taken to do so and he said he made a daily practice of “going out in nature”.  He said often all that he had time for was to spend a few minutes in a small garden he had created, but that was still enough.  Since hearing about this, I’ve been looking at my houseplants who bring a bit of nature inside for me, a bit differently.

When I heard people talk about the link between nature and happiness, I instantly knew that it works for me. Frankly, I can just look at this picture of a bird flying over water and feel greater peace and joy. I hope you do also and that is why you will find many images from nature here at Unemploymentville.com.

If you are interested in reading more about the connection between mood and being in nature, check out these articles:

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Stunning bird flying over water

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