What the Heck Is Unemploymentville?

What the Heck Is Unemploymentville?

I created Unemploymentville.com as a place for out-of-work people to share advice and commiserate — to be a supportive, friendly place that offers both practical tips and emotional support. A place to rant, cry, shriek, read and write.

Unemploymentville™ is also a way of looking at being out of a job that tries to bring humor and a new light to what often feels like a dark and lonely place

Here at Unemploymentville.com you will find
a forum
a blog
beautiful website images
– the voices of other people who are unemployed or have passed through Unemploymentville™ before

Why look at the experience of being unemployed as a place? Why not? And… by changing HOW we talk about being unemployed, perhaps we can shift how we think about it.

Being unemployed is a time to let go of old ways of looking at your life and job. It’s a time for exploring and seeing things from a different angle and not necessarily remaining on the path you’ve been traveling.

And on that note, let me personally welcome you to Unemploymentville™! Welcome to Unemploymentville

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